One protester wrapping red tape around the arm of another. I forgot to ask what it meant, but I think it's a sign of solidarity.
A Native elder water protector lighting a smudge stick. 
A protester holding a "Free Red Fawn" sign, of which there were several at the protest. Red Fawn is a Native American woman of Oglala Lakota Sioux descent who was arrested in a camp raid for allegedly firing a weapon, though eyewitness accounts and videos say otherwise. 
One focus of this protest was encouraging people to divest from the banks that are funding the DAPL and suggesting other alternatives (i.e. credit unions, community banks).
A Native water protector (I can't remember from which tribe, apologies) performing a chant, paying tribute to not only stopping the DAPL, but also to the 17 Native American women who have gone missing and/or have been murdered so far in 2017 (a matter she spoke about before her performance).
Protestors showing solidarity.
One of my favorite signs from the protest.
Another one of my favorite signs.
Protesters being waved with incense. I like how the smoke turned out in this photo.
One moment she wasn't there, the other moment she was.
Before the march ended up at Trump Tower, they made a stop at a Chase bank, one of the banks that is funding the DAPL, once more emphasizing divesting from banks that are investing in the DAPL.
Marching upon Trump Tower.
I've never seen a mask/face cover like that before...
The die-in.
The man in the middle disrupted the die-in, but was promptly removed by police.
A participant of the die-in. Instantly one of my favorite photos.
Another participant of the die-in.
The decal on the back of a die-in participant. The man depicted in the decal is Sitting Bull, a leader in the Souix tribe who led the resistance against the United States government in the North American Great Plains.
A protester of Mexican descent speaks to police, asking them to reconsider their job and what they really stand for.
Protestors showing solidarity during the last prayer of the protest.
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