January 24th, 2017: This protest's focus was corporations in politics, specifically targeting Goldman Sachs. This was my first protest where people were arrested.
Practicing chants.
A senior man reading an account of a friend of his who is affected negatively from Trump's administration.
A protester not willing to give up.
A transgender man speaking about how getting rid of the Affordable Care Act will make it harder for him to transition, and therefore be happier with his life.
There were quite a few seniors, like the one pictured here, that showed up to this protest.
Another senior who showed up to the protest.
The crowd, maintained by police.
The crowd rushing into the streets.
An elderly protester getting arrested.
Two protesters holding up a banner, holding up traffic and risking arrest.
The two sat down with the banner, but it was taken away from them and were arrested.
A group of protestors with their signs at the end of the protest.
January 31st, 2017: The focus of this protest was to get Illinois state senators to vote no on Trump's nominee for Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos.
A protester promoting a hashtag.
A member of The People's Lobby's Faith Liberation Movement speaks about how student loans are affecting her education while going through seminary school.
State Represenative Will Guzzardi speaks about immigration and how it relates to his Jewish-American heritage.
State Represenative Will Guzzardi
Six student protestors (five of whom are pictured) staged a sit down protest inside the John C. Kluczynski Federal Building.
Police inside the building let them sit for about 15 minutes before the arrests began.
All of the protesters were dragged from their spots.
Arrests continue.
I like to call this one "The Martyr".
February 14th, 2017: This protest focused on seniors, particularly with the fight to keep social security alive to protect their retirements. "Broken Promises = Broken Hearts" was the motto for this protest.
Many seniors turned up to this protest.
Another senior out to protect social security 
Facebook Live
The main banner of the protest
Leading the chants
There were a quite a few people with drums.
Marched to the Chase Tower to protest the CEO of Chase who is on Trump's advisory board. Police blocked the entrance to the building
Speaking to the crowd.
White people checking their own privilege *thumbs up emoji*.
People were given half of broken hearts with a few different slogans on them to stick onto the building.
Police quickly barricaded the building off and took down the hearts. Protesters were not happy.
Very telling.
APRIL 4TH, 2017: I've been so busy since the last Resist Trump Tuesday that I hadn't been able to make it out to any until this one. This protest focused on the Fight for $15 movement, along with ending pay discrimination based on race. 

Many people held this sign. There was another sign that said "60% of Latinx Americans are paid less than $15".

Young protesters out supporting the cause.

Leading warm-up chants.

This man from Fight for $15 talked about how he had to pay for her daughter's hospital bill with Medicare when it should have been a  benefit from his fast food job.

A member from Black Lives Matter Chicago speaks.

On the move.

Leading the chants.

First stop was at the McDonalds on 180 W Adams St.

A 19 year old Dominoes worker speaks in front of the McDonalds.

The next stop was the building where the Illinois Policy Institute has their offices at 190 S LaSalle St. Maria Hernandez from Black Lives Matter Chicago speaks.

A priest, along with two other priests, closes the protest with a prayer.

A member from Fight for $15 shakes hands with a police officer after the protest.

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