This family showed up early.

Marshall meeting.

Chicken Don, the mascot of the march, being set up.

A Robin Hood-esque sign.

They really are.


Volunteers set up a "wall" where people could write messages.

A volunteer leading chants.

A mother and her daughter dance along to the Chicken Dance, performed by Sousaphones Against Hate.

(from L to R) 5th District Representative Mike Quigley, Illinois Senator (and candidate for governor) Daniel Biss, and 9th District Representative Jan Schakowsky enjoy the Chicken Dance.

Jan Schakowsky enjoying the Chicken Dance

Jan Schakowsky speaking.

Daniel Biss before taking the stage.

Daniel Biss speaking

Reverend Jesse Jackson preparing his speech.

Jan Schakowsky hugging Jesse Jackson after his speech.



My photos used in the print version of The Daily Northwestern's article about the march.

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